Cory Morningstar: The Green New Deal, Rebooting Capitalism, & The Financialization Of Nature

07 Mar 2020

This is a segment of episode #188 of Last Born In The Wilderness “For Your Consent: Climate Activism & The Financialization Of Nature w/ Cory Morningstar.” Listen to the full episode:

Read Cory Morningstar’s six-act exposé ‘The Manufacturing of Greta Thunberg — For Consent’ at Wrong Kind of Green:

In this segment of my interview with investigative journalist Cory Morningstar, we discuss her extensive six-act exposé ‘The Manufacturing of Greta Thunberg — For Consent,’ published at Wrong Kind of Green. The exposé examines the non-profit industrial complex and its relationship with contemporary climate activism, in particular youth climate activists like 16-year-old Swedish activist Greta Thunberg.

Cory’s incredibly detailed research uncovers the complex network of capitalist-backed non-profits, tech startups, and corporations that are pushing for a radical transformation of the global capitalist system, under the pretense of saving the environment and averting the worst impacts of anthropogenic climate change. By examining the forces that surround and promote youth climate activists, Cory is able to tease out the larger agenda at play here. “Today’s climate emergency mobilization must be recognized for what it is: a strategically orchestrated campaign financed and managed by the world’s most powerful institutions – for the preservation of capitalism and global economic growth.” By using the youth, who are understandably concerned about the climate crisis, the global capitalist elite are attempting to “generate popular demand from the citizenry that will in turn support the legislation required for projects that serve to benefit industry, rather than people and planet,” including the revitalization of the stagnate global economy by unlocking “approx. 90 trillion dollars for new investments and infrastructure” in order to fund the Fourth Industrial Revolution. “We have reached the Brave New Moment where there is no longer a distinction between our “movements” and the corporate forces that have been created to further our oppression and servitude – all in compliance to economic growth and capitalism for the world’s ruling class. All of this to be achieved on the backs of the most vulnerable – our youth. Hegemonic forces are salivating over the global waves of youth mobilization demanding action on climate change.”

Cory Morningstar is an independent investigative journalist, writer and environmental activist, focusing on global ecological collapse and political analysis of the non-profit industrial complex. She resides in Canada. Her recent writings can be found on Wrong Kind of Green, The Art of Annihilation, and Counterpunch. Her writing has also been published by Bolivia Rising and Cambio, the official newspaper of the Plurinational State of Bolivia.





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