IDEP & Bali Water Protection Program Unite w/ Musical Activists to Save the Water

04 Mar 2020

Water is Life. Every day. Everywhere.

Bali, Island of the Gods, is currently facing a water crisis. Aquifers are being drained at a rate that rainfall just can’t replenish. And 65% of fresh water is consumed by mindless tourism! Local wells are coming up dry, as hotels continue to drill deep with greater equipment. Close to the coast, salt water is entering the fresh ground water, making the aquifers unable to be consumed.

We found Solutions in IDEP, a local organization, and their Water Protection Program. This group of mostly Balinese locals will build 136 recharge wells, educate locals and visitors, and empower children to care for rivers.

We, a group of artist activists are partnering with IDEP to raise awareness of the crisis, and funds for their solutions. This is a teaser of the song & video that will be released on Earth Day, April 22. The campaign will be partnered with a match grant from the non-profit Be The Change. So your donations will go twice as far!!

Bali gives to all who come, So generously, and this is our chance to give back.

Visit to learn more & give Right Now.

Thanks to Unify, Uplift Connect, & StiL Focus Media for the footage. Thanks to Andrew Love for editing. Thanks to IDEP Foundation for epic work! Thanks to Wookiefoot & Be the Change Charity for the support.

#waterislife #BaliWaterProtectionProgram #IDEP #BetheChange

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